Celestial beings reside in the non-physical realm. Your Higher Self resides there as well. It is the highest aspect of your consciousness. You are one with your Higher Self and you are always connected. It is who you truly are, without any masks.

You don’t have this most intimate connection with other celestial beings. They are not you, but they are there to provide guidance and protection along your life path.

You have selected your life plan before this incarnation, including what you want to experience and learn in this world. Your Higher Self has access to this information and by reconnecting with it, you can have it too. When your life plan or contract was set, your Higher Self selected spirit guides whose job is to make sure you stay on the right track. Besides spirit guides and your Higher Self, the ether is home to guardian angels and archangels as well. As you can consciously reconnect with your Higher Self, you can also detect and connect with these powerful beings.

Mediation is a great way to start communicating with your Higher Self. An altar can serve as a focal point for meditation. Once you’ve tuned in to your Higher Self, you’ll be able to get key information about why you’re here and where you should be going next. Sometimes your Higher Self can sound like intuition, sometimes as a voice of reason. The more you open yourself to it, the more you will be in tune with your Higher Self.
Here’s what you should know about these Light beings:

Higher Self

The Higher Self resides in the ether, the non-physical realm. Your Higher Self is you, but without the veil across your memory. It represents your total soul consciousness, the highest aspect of you. You, here on Earth, are a projection of your Higher Self’s consciousness. When you were born, you forgot where you came from, as incarnation causes oblivion.

There is an unbreakable connection between you and your Higher Self even though you are not aware of it. After incarnation, you are left with an ethereal connection with your Higher Self. As the total soul consciousness, your Higher Self knows everything about you including your past, present, and future because you have chosen the life you are living. It knows your life plan. By consciously reconnecting with your Higher Self, you can rediscover your purpose and live a happier, more meaningful life.

Spirit Guides

your ultimate spiritual guide
Before you were born, you created your entire life plan. Your Higher Self has this knowledge even though you have forgotten all about it. When the plan was built, your Higher Self chose spirit guides to assist you in this world.

These spirit guides have knowledge and experience in handling the exact situations you have chosen to encounter while incarnated. You can have more than one spirit guide. Some will be there for you your entire life, others from time to time. Some will guide you through certain events and leave you afterward, when their work is done. They are basically following the directives your Higher Self has set and their mission is to nudge you in the right direction, making sure you experience what you have already chosen.

Guardian Angels

Unlike spirit guides that can be incarnated, guardian angels do not incarnate. They are not in the same category as spirit guides. Angels protect everyone. We all have more than one guardian angel watching out for us. There are enough guardian angels for everyone, as there are thousands upon thousands of them. They tend to intervene when you are in a dangerous situation or in need of some serious help. They are there for you during rough times to offer support, comfort, and protection. Meditation is a great technique that can help you detect guardian angels.


Archangels are at the highest level in the celestial hierarchy. They are extremely powerful beings and closest to the Source. These extraordinary celestial beings are omnipresent, meaning they are present everywhere at the same time. They can be bound to more than one person at a time. Archangels are messengers and protectors. Most people are familiar with Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. Each archangel has a particular dominant area or specialty. As they are present in every major religious system, instead of focusing on their names or physical descriptions, focus on their specialties. That is what matters the most.


An altar is a place that can help you anchor your attention. It represents the intersection between the non-physical realm and Earth. It serves as a place that can help you center your awareness and consciously reconnect with your Higher Self and other celestial beings.
You can create a personal altar in your home. Regardless of your religious beliefs, a personal altar will reflect your spirituality and provide a place for quiet reflection and devotion. The altar you have set up in your home can serve as a focal point for meditation. There is no right or wrong way to set up an altar, just follow your intuition.

The first thing you have to do is to find a space to set up your altar. It should be in an area that is quiet and peaceful, where you know you can sit without disruption. All you need is a flat place, table or shelf. The next thing to do is to place a cloth over it. The cloth should reflect your personality, beliefs, and intention. Use the one you feel the most comfortable with. It should be large enough to cover the entire altar. You should clean and cleanse this area as often as possible.

Keep in mind that an altar is supposed to please you, not anybody else. You don’t have to think about how it looks like. Follow your intuition and place the things you feel need to be there. Arrange it the way you like and place everything with intention. These things represent what is sacred to you. You can have items that represent the four elements, including earth, wind, fire, and water. You should also have something that represents your source, something that will help you still your thoughts and open your heart for not just your intuition but also for your Higher Self.

In just a few days, on February 1st, I’ll be starting the 28 Day Soul Coaching® program via my blog.  Today I’ll explain how this coaching program is organized and what you can expect as far as the level of commitment on your part.

In order for you to plan your day, I’ll do my best to post my blog early each morning (sometimes even at midnight or 1am, for all of my friends in Europe).  Then you can read the post at a convenient time for you, so you can plan your days assignment and start reciting the daily mantra.  I know from my own experience that this coaching program is life changing – I can’t wait to hear how it changes your life!

What Is the 28-Day Soul Coaching® Program?


The 28-Day Soul Coaching® Program is a spiritual journey that is divided into four one-week periods.  Each week is dedicated to one of the Four Elements:  Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

From Native Americans, to ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Persians, Celts, and Hindus, the mysterious panorama of nature has been divided into separate parts that are designated by the four elements.  Egyptian sages fervently believed that reflection on the four elements provided a profound understanding of life.

To those ancient people, the symbolism of the four elements welded all separate pieces of reality into a cohesive whole.  Each one brought a gift that gave balance to the people.  The Spirit of Air gave the wind with its cooling breezes in the summer; the Spirit of Water brought refreshing rains; the Spirit of Fire gave warmth from the sun; and the Spirit of Earth brought forth the hills, mountains, trees, and plants on earth.  The underlying energy of all the elements was the Creator, the source of all life.

I believe that when you embark on this spiritual cleansing program, it is immensely valuable to do it in the context of the cycles of nature.  The energy of nature and its elements can help bring you home to your spiritual roots.

Additionally, after you have finished the 28 days, you are encouraged to embark on an inward journey much like a vision quest.  It can be a few hours to a few days.  After all the clearing you have done in the previous 28 days, it is a time of stillness for the soul to reveal its sacred messages to you.

How the 28-Day Soul Coaching® Program is Organized

Detoxifying the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit

•  Days 1-7      are devoted to the properties of Air and are associated with clearing mental debris.

•  Days 8-14   are devoted to the properties of Water and are associated with your emotional self.

•  Days 15-21  are devoted to the properties of Fire and are associated with clearing the shadow

to connect with your spiritual self.

•  Days 22-28  are devoted to the properties of Earth and are associated with your physical self.

How Can I Do the Program with My Busy Life?

No matter how busy you are or how hectic your life is, you can do this program.  It is designed so anyone can do it, no matter how frantic or full his or her life is.  There is one assignment each day. (In the full course there are assignments which are divided into three levels.  You would choose the level at which to participate.)

•  Level One: “Committed to Change” Doing the Level One exercises usually takes
15 to 30 minutes a day.

As you can see, Denise Linn, did a great job of planning out this program and including so many important aspects of how air, water, fire, and earth affect our lives.  In my next posting I’ll go into more details about what you will gain by participating in this program.  Again, don’t forget to check back soon and if you want to have a reminder as to when I post, just sign up for the RSS feed – this will deliver an email to you with the latest posting.  Have a blessed day!  ~Lisa

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