We’re not loving ourselves


It feels like there is a lot of energy shifting and changing …

It feels like we all need some HEALING

So much so that I felt directed to do a HEALING reading for you!

Everybody is so busy and so reactive … if we could all just tap into our hearts … that’s going to shift and change the WORLD!

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Meditation is truly one of the most rewarding and life changing activities that you can explore and ultimately use to expand your life experience.

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Making The Same Mistakes

There’s that old saying about taking the same actions over and over, but expecting different results. While that expression is generally used as a “definition for insanity,” I think we can look at the same issue in terms of happiness – and find just as many problems.

Think about people who really struggle to find happiness. One of the defining characteristics in a life of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness is repeat behavior – and consistently unpleasant results.

People allow themselves to stay in toxic relationships or work jobs that wear them down day after day. They spend time with people who damage their self-esteem, make consistently poor choices when it comes to food and exercise, and take on responsibilities that cause undue stress without any sort of satisfaction.

All of those behaviors are just like the “definition of insanity” mentioned above – it’s maintaining a cycle of behavior, but somehow expecting the outcome to change for the better.

Of course people want to be happy, but when their decisions and actions consistently prevent some of the basic needs for happiness – what do they expect?

Does this sound familiar? We’ve all got bad habits that can act as roadblocks to our happiness, and it’s up to use to identify them, figure out ways to change them, and move well past the barriers we set up for ourselves.

Small changes can often bring us closer and closer to a life of happiness and fulfillment, but those changes have to stick! We can’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again – otherwise we’ll never make any progress at all!

Instead of just going through the same motions day after day, we should all be looking for the decisions and actions that are responsible for our feelings of unhappiness. After all, basically everything we do is a choice – from the people we spend time with to what we do at any given moment throughout the day. We’re constantly making choices, so why keep making the decisions that ultimately lead to unhappiness?

We can break out of these cycles, and we absolutely should do everything in our power to get away from damaging decision making. Making consistently dissatisfying choices is a fast track to unhappiness – and the very definition of “insanity!”

If you’ve never tried meditating, I can’t recommend it enough! The lasting effects on your personal well being are just so massive, and this is something you can do in your own home – without spending a dime or even going out of your way to prepare or set up.

Meditation encompasses a rather large portion of different, more specific practices, but at its root, meditating is about relaxation, controlling your mind and body, and clearing away the cluttered thoughts that cause so much tension in all of our lives.

And people have long understood the benefits that meditation can bring in terms of an overall sense of calm, better sleep, relieving physical tension in the body, and a lasting sense of peace – but studies have shown that meditation actually helps the brain reduce stress reactions and increases brain activity in areas associated with compassion, self-awareness, and happiness!

Meditating even one single time makes these positive effects all the more apparent – the good vibes and calm sensations stick with you throughout the day, and as it becomes a part of your normal routine, these feelings of calm acceptance and harmony with the world around you only last longer.

The same sensations of relaxation and oneness actually prime our brains for increased empathy, which means we have an easier time connecting with others (another important element of happiness). Not only does this happen in the first few minutes after meditating, regular meditation can also change your brain chemistry in a long-term way, rewiring your brain for increased happiness!

You don’t even have to take my word for it. Try it out and see!

There are plenty of great meditation aids available out there, that will walk you through steps to relaxation and controlled breathing, and once you’ve got a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to do it all on your own.

Just give it a shot, and I promise that you’ll immediately see the benefits!

Everyone Has Stress

If we had to pinpoint the source of unhappiness, stress (in all its forms) would be a likely culprit. It comes from every possible angle, from work responsibility to romantic relationships, things beyond our control like weather and equipment malfunctions to anxieties and problems that are entirely self-generated. Stress is everywhere – it just comes in many, many forms.

Not only are there many types of stress, it also affects different people in different ways. Some people thrive on it, others buckle – and everything in between. It’s something we can relate to in others, but never quite fully understand because we all experience stress differently – and get stressed out by different things.

Stress doesn’t really go away with career success, money, family, healthy relationships, or any of the other stuff we seek out to build our happiness. It may change forms, but it will never truly go away.

Poverty is stressful, so is managing a massive and lucrative investment account. Loneliness can cause stress, so can navigating social circles or large families. Jobs of all kinds, mundane activities, huge existential questions, anxiety about the unknown, fear, physical injuries, illness – these are potentially stress inducing experiences that just about everyone has to face. There’s no getting around them.

So if there’s no escaping stress, what are we supposed to do?

The short answer: learn to deal with it.

Just as we all experience stress in different ways, and from sources unique to our own lives, we have to develop our own ways of coping with it. The most important thing to understand about this need to create your own path to stress relief is this: there are healthy ways and unhealthy ways to deal with stress, and you have to know the difference.

Turning to drugs, alcohol, binge eating, self-harm, lashing out at others, and other destructive behaviors are certainly the unhealthy route, and should be avoided – no matter how much better they may make you feel. Any relief gained in this way will be temporary, and likely lead to even more stresses in the future.

On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of healthy ways to relieve stress like yoga, meditation, exercise, music, a walk in nature, and a host of other nondestructive activities.

The point is to recognize that stress is just a part of life. You can develop your own ways of coping, and when the stressors start to pile up, you’ll have a way to handle it in a way that you know works for you.

I’d love to hear what you do to relieve stress. Leave me a comment below.


Did you know the act of smiling is good for you? The simple gesture, one that most of us think of as showing other people how we feel, can actually affect our own happiness as well!

In fact, smiling has a way of working like a feedback loop: when something pleasant happens, and the muscles in your face make you smile, the act of smiling actually reinforces those positive feelings by sending more “feel good” sensations to your brain, which in turn make you smile even more!

And because smiling tells your brain that you feel good, even a manufactured smile can help bring about sensations of happiness! Thinking of a pleasant memory (to make yourself smile), or even just practicing the motions of your genuine smile, will actually make you feel happier!

These smiles stack up too! Smiling leads to more smiling, of course, but also reduces stress, can help foster improved social interactions and relationships, and even lead to a more successful career and a longer life!

A pair of studies, one focused on success and happiness in women, the other on longevity in men, both looked at the sincerity and quality of smiles in photographs for correlation to a long and/or happy life.

Both the “yearbook study” (focused on women) and the “baseball card study” (focused on men) found a strong correlation between those showing full, genuine smiles and longer, happier, more successful lives!

Smiles reinforce happiness and confidence, help maintain relationships, and help others connect with you, so why not make a point to smile as often as possible?

Flashing a smile has so much impact, but most of us never consider it as a way to actually grow our levels of happiness. We assume that we smile when we’re happy, but never that smiling can make us happy!

Now that you know, get to putting it into practice! Smile as often as you can, even when you have to do it consciously – it’s such a simple little thing, but makes a world of difference.


Twice a day, five days a week – the commute to work day in and day out is something most us are all too familiar with, but did you know that it can actually have a direct effect on your happiness?

While traveling to and from a job is something of a necessary evil (we have to get to work somehow, right?), the further you have to go every day, the more apt it is to impact your happiness.

The problem comes from unpredictability. While we might be able to get used to other forms of daily drudgery (doing the dishes, for example), the fact that traffic, road conditions, and other delays/problems crop up with no rhyme or reason makes commuting all the more stressful.

The longer the trip, the higher the chances for something to put a wrench in your daily routine.

This unpredictability, combined with the absolute necessity of making the trip time and time again, creates the potential for all kinds of stressors – which you have to face over and over without knowing what to expect.

The resulting unhappiness can overshadow even the best job or nicest house, since those stressors are impacting happiness every single workday.

So, what’s the obvious solution?

Work closer to home, or move closer to work!

Cutting down on that commute time essentially reduces the chance that traffic, accidents, construction, idiot drivers, nasty weather, or any other road hazard will negatively affect your mood on any given day.

Now, I understand that the prospect of moving and/or changing jobs seems like a lot of trouble, but when you realize what a big influence a commute can have on your overall happiness… you just might adjust your priorities!

Living a Life of Enchantment

This past week my husband, David, and I stayed two nights in Sedona, Arizona. I had never been to Sedona before and was completely blown away by the beauty, magnificence and especially by the power that exuded from the stunning red rocks that surrounded the town.

What made the stay even lovelier was the fact that we lodged at the Enchantment Resort. Check out the view from the pool, absolutely spectacular!

Besides having breathtaking scenery the Enchantment Resort was a wonderland of spiritual activities. Throughout the day they offered a variety of free events that you could participate in which included a morning intention ritual in the Crystal Grotto, an evening guided mediation, a Vortex lecture and walk as well as guided hiking tours to connect you to the earth. I found the staff and the entire facility to be warm, and welcoming. While I sat at the pool enjoying the views and the serenity, I could hear notes from a Native American flute wafting through the air. Apparently one of the locals likes to hike up to the Kachina Woman Vortex to play his flute for all to enjoy.

David and I signed up for the hiking tour, which was from 9 – 11:30am. Our guide, Jamie picked us up, along with three other charming guests, and drove us into town to a parking lot for one of the local plumbers. Apparently there are trailheads all throughout the town. We were a bit skeptical at first, but after about two minutes of walking on the trail we never saw any sign of town for the next 2.5 hours.  The hike was life affirming and not just because of the scenery and the wildlife we saw, which included a Peregrine falcon and the scat from a bobcat, but because of the amazing conversation I had with Jamie.

Jamie grew up in Flagstaff, not far from Sedona, and she followed her parent’s direction and advice by graduating college and then receiving her master’s degree in education. However after she completed her studies she felt she had “done her duty” and that it was time to follow her true desires and passions. She is now leading hikes and as I understand it she is in charge of two departments at The Enchantment Resort. What I loved about her story is that she said with great enthusiasm, “I love my job! Even though a lot of my friends think I’m nuts, I don’t care, because I’m so happy!” Every six months she gets 3 weeks off, so she travels the world. She just returned from New Zealand and cant wait to go back.

Well, all I can say is that Jamie’s story is a perfect example of the Art of Living Happy! It was so exciting to bear witness to another person living the life of their dreams.

My question to you – are you an example of the Art of Living Happy? If you are living a happy life share what you are doing and why you love it so much. If you aren’t living a happy life, tell me why and what you wish you were doing. Maybe we can figure out how to help you achieve your goal! Either way leave a comment and let’s start the conversation.

Love and Blessings,

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Today, Day 18,  is all about being in the moment.  This concept is extremely powerful and yet so difficult for most people (including myself) to incorporate into their daily lives.  The truth of the fact, that all we have is the present moment is overwhelming – so instead we think about what we did or said yesterday or we plan and fret about what is going to happen tomorrow.

“If you’re unhappy, realize that all unhappiness is caused by comparison. Did you hear that?  All unhappiness is caused by comparison.  We only feel unhappy when we compare what we have now to something else, perhaps when we were younger or healthier, or when we were with a certain person or possessed certain honors and recognition.  Where there is no comparison, unhappiness is impossible.  Happiness exists when the mind is not removed from itself, when it remains in the present time zone, and when it declines to contrast itself with other times or conditions.”  This quote from Dr. Robert Anthony’s book, Advanced Formula for Total Success, is an excellent example of why it is so important to live in the moment, especially if you want to be happy.

I encourage you today, to slow down and observe your thoughts and notice when you are being present and when you are thinking about the past or the future.  Of course you have to make plans, but when you do, be present while you are making the arrangements and then return to the now.  When you drive somewhere, don’t think of where you are going, be present while you are driving, notice what you are seeing.  It really does increase your happiness in life.  Keep me posted on what happens!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Fire: Day 18 – Being Present/Saying Yes to Life


In truth, the only thing that you have is the present.  The past is gone and the future is yet to come.  Yet we spend so much time in the past and the future that we very rarely take the opportunity to experience the delight available in the present moment.


When Denise was diagnosed with cancer, she said that it was so easy to live in the past with thoughts such as, “Why didn’t I take better care of myself?” And it was also easy to live in the future with fear about people judging her for getting cancer and fear about the pain and suffering that cancer would bring.  Then one day she woke up and asked herself, “What is true in this moment?” The truth was that on that particular day she was alive with a splendid day ahead of her to experience in any way she chose.  She realized that she could choose to plunder through that day with regret about the past and worry about the future … or she could cherish every experience that life brought her that day.  She experienced radiance and joy that day.  Everything seemed to flow from that point.  That moment was a turning point that she believes eventually led to a remarkable remission/deliverance from cancer.


Affirmation for the Day:I invite the pure light of the sun into my heart.  May it shine from my heart to the world.


Today: Sit before a candle, inhale and imagine breathing in the spirit and life force of fire.  Visualize the purifying energy of fire surging through your entire being, burning any dross or impurities within you.


Level 1:  Being in the Present Moment


When you are totally in the present moment without comparing that moment to ones from the past or potential moments in the future, you do not experience stress.  You become stressed when you are either replaying the past or worrying about the future.  If you are constantly thinking, “What if I can’t handle … ” or “I’m afraid that … might happen” or “What did she mean when she said that?” You are not fully experiencing the juice and fullness that is available in the moment.


Today, continually ask yourself, “What is so, right now in this moment?” For example, Sarah did this exercise when she was eating pizza and said the pizza actually tasted better because instead of thinking of the next bite, as she usually did, she fully tasted the various flavors of the pizza.  She also ate less because she was aware of the fact that she was full.  Take time today to sink into your truth of the moment.  Often, we are so busy living in the future or fretting over the past, that we miss the immediate joy that is available in the present moment.  If you find your mind wandering, gently say to yourself, “I can’t change the past and tomorrow is not here.  All I need is within me right now.”

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Celebrating July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! Today is the day, as a nation, we celebrate our countries independence from Great Britain. As you celebrate this festive holiday, by hosting or attending a barbecue or going to watch a fire works display – I would like to challenge you to take time and declare some independence for yourself, ideally on a daily basis.

By declaring independence for yourself, I am referring to allowing your thoughts to free themselves from your conscious thinking. If, for example, you have a major stress in your life – say a divorce, a job loss, or even not so major stress like whiny children, designate a specific period of time during the day to stop thinking about what is stressing you. Read a book, take a nap, meditate, participate in a yoga class or even just sit outside and listen to the birds chirp and the wind rustle in the trees (or listen to the passing cars, and sirens – if you live in a city!)

Everyone has issues and commitments that need attention throughout the day, what I am suggesting is to make that commitment to yourself to actually free yourself from the imprisoning thoughts of stress and annoyances. You will be a much happier person if you treat yourself with as much care and compassion as you bestow upon your friends, family and co-workers. I guarantee it!