Today I decided to share with you a moment that I was taking for myself.  I realized, while looking out the window and watching orange and red leaves fluttering to the ground, that I was immensely happy. The beauty and simplicity of the moment touched my soul and I was moved to share it with you.

The camera is a bit shaky, but I hope that you can still see the magic of the moment.  I felt as though I were inside of a snow globe!  I highly recommend taking five minutes each day, by yourself, and observing nature.  I was told today that there is a new syndrome for kids: NDD, Nature Deficit Disorder.

Kids don’t go outside and connect with the earth anymore – so many of them are surrounded by school buildings during the day and then in the evening they are in front of a television and/or a computer. There is something mystical about observing nature, especially by yourself.  Check it out!