Day 28 – A Circle of Love

Day 28.  Congratulations!  You have come to the final day of the 28 Day Soul Coaching® program.  Take this moment, right now, to pat yourself on the back for taking the time, the past 28 days, to focus on YOU.  Ultimately that is all each one of us has – just ourself.  The only way to improve your life is to improve yourself.  Realizing YOU are LOVE; is one key to understanding life.  YOU are here to give and to receive love.  Any actions on your behalf not in line with this concept will come back to show you what and who you are.  Of course there are events in everyones life, like the death of a loved one, that is beyond our control.  However the way we choose to deal with that death will again be mirrored back to us in one way or another.

Tomorrow there will be a blog post on how to preform a quest in order to assimilate all of the information that you have discovered about yourself these last 28 days.  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  I LOVE YOU!  ~Blessings, Lisa

Love is all there is...

Earth: Day 28 – A Circle of Love

At its essence, the soul is unconditional love.  When you have cleared away inner and outer clutter, your capacity to love yourself, love others, and love the Creator magnifies.  Today is a reminder of who you are.

Affirmation for the Day: I give love deeply and fully.  I receive love deeply and fully.  My essence is love.

Today: Continually remind yourself that no matter what judgments you make, every experience you have today is allowing you to evolve as a spiritual being.  Remind yourself that every experience today is for your ultimate highest good, even if you judge it as a bad, boring, demeaning, or worthless experience.

Level 1:  Surrounded by a Circle of Love

Meditate on the sky.  Visualize a sparking spring morning with no clouds.  The sky is completely clear.  Breathe in this clarity.  Absorb the vastness of the sky into your soul.  Become one with the sky.

Then, imagine yourself in a beautiful fresh mountain meadow.  As you stand in the center of an ancient and sacred circle of stones, you find yourself surrounded by a circle of love.  All around you are people that love you, angelic beings, and wise ones from the realm of spirit.  They are radiating incredible love and healing energy to you.

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