I don't know anyone who is more connected to spirit through their head, who has her feet so deeply grounded on the earth, yet expresses herself so lovingly through her heart and with such passion using her voice.

Peter L. Ferrio, President
Business Technology, LLC

Her approach is powerful, yet soft and loving.

I felt Lisa's energy clearing before I officially found out it had been done! All of a sudden I felt really free. I had this powerful awareness that I could create anything in life - that anything and everything was possible! Opportunities also started flowing. I was asked to be a guest speaker on a call my mentor was doing to talk about my success. I also booked a speaking engagement at an event I was sponsoring, after I had previously been told there weren't any spots available! Amazing! I was attracting these opportunities so much so, that I wanted to ask Lisa if she had done the clearing! The insight Lisa gave me when we talked by phone afterward was really helpful too. I learned about some deeply personal issues that had happened that were preventing me from moving forward. Lisa was able to clear them all! Her approach is powerful, yet soft and loving. The prayer she said for me was peaceful and uplifting. Thank-you so much Lisa!

Chris Atley, CEO
Decisions by Design

Her prayers, clearing and energy helped unlock the door for my success.

Lisa's acutely sensitive insight uncovered a long-forgotten incident that had been holding my prosperity hostage. Since her work, I've launched a program that grossed over 5-figures.  I know that her prayers, clearing and energy helped unlock the door for my success.

A whole other realm of possibilities

Lisa is open so incredibly wide and can touch people's hearts on such a deep level. She gives people guidance that they could spend tens of lifetimes trying to find. If you are open to receiving this deep guidance, it will open a whole other realm of possibilities for your current life.

Forever grateful for your gift.

After ONE session with Lisa Jones, opportunities began flooding in. I had hit a "dry spell" and felt stuck, and I couldn't figure out why. I signed up with Lisa, and literally within 10 minutes of her doing a distance session, before I'd even spoken to her, I had potential clients reaching out to me and then quickly signed on a new client. And then another. Lisa was literally doing the distance healing while much of this happened. The sudden clarity I received after feedback from her was so very helpful. Soon, I was getting out of my own way even more, without really being conscious of how I was doing it. Thank you, Lisa. Your help has allowed me to move internal mountains and open the flow of abundance back up again. Forever grateful for your gift.

Teresa Goetz, ACC, MS, L.Ac
Healthy Being, LLC

Lisa is extraordinary!

Lisa is extraordinary! She took me on a wonderful guided meditation journey that touched my heart and changed my life. Her gentle and compassionate nature creates a safe and supportive environment for deep soul work. I whole-heartedly recommend her!

Vicki P, Educator
El Cajon, CA

Lisa soothingly and intuitively led me on a journey to my inner truth. Working with Lisa gave me the necessary tools to face daily challenges with a greater sense of inner peace. I highly recommend working with Lisa to discover what your soul has been yearning to tell you!

Debbie B, Teacher
Outer Banks, NC

Lisa is a gifted soul. She had an amazing ability to gently take me on a guided journey in a loving, nonjudgmental way, allowing for me to discover my soul’s inner longings and desires. Her skillful abilities along with her calm, approachable and sincere demeanor helped me move beyond what any previous coach has been able to do. Thank you, Lisa, for your beautiful work.

Vicki G, Owner of a Holistic Wellness Center
Chandler, AZ

Lisa’s Angel Body Blessing was amazing! As she called in the angels I felt I was being cradled in loving arms. All thoughts melted away and a feeling of peace washed over me. Lisa’s connection with the Angels is truly magical.

Anna L, Accounting Consultant
Easton, CT

Working with Lisa has been an amazing, life changing experience. I have a busy, hectic life and business, but after working with Lisa I find that I am now more grounded and focused. Everyday I wake up jazzed and energized to take on the day. Thank you Lisa!!!

Vanessa N, Management Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Lisa creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients and intuitively knows what is needed in each circumstance. Her knowledge and skill in a variety of fields makes her remarkable.

Clare L, Clay Artist and Teacher
New Milford, CT

Lisa has a gift that I have never encountered before

An Angel reading with Lisa is truly a unique experience. It’s like the angels take over her body and send their messages directly to you! When I had my angel reading with Lisa the angels sent me inspirational messages that were amazingly authentic. Within seconds of us sitting for the reading I was transformed into an angelic world of spiritual messages! Lisa has a gift that I have never encountered before through any angel readings, tarot card readings, or anything in the spiritual realm – she is gifted!

Pattie H, Hospital Nurse
Ridgefield, CT

Lisa’s session was insightful and uplifting. I learned new things about my life while reinforcing other ideas I knew were true for me. Very helpful experience for going forward with some of my life decisions and handling obstacles.

Liz C, Trainer/teacher/coach
Westchester County, NY

You learn, grow and develop into an even more beautiful being because of it

I think that you are very inspiring. You seem to just get on with what ever life throws at you, believing that all will be well. Even though you have been through some really tough times, it’s evident that you learn, grow and develop into an even more beautiful being because of it. Your passion, your caring, your drive to share your love of life and your experiences of there being more than just what we see is truly awesome. Lisa you are so talented in many ways, keep doing what you do and continue to inspire and give those of us who are more hesitant a good kick in a positive direction.

Barb M, Painter & Decorator
London, England

You’ll come away feeling stronger, more empowered, connected, supported and loved.

After my session with Lisa Jones, I was surrounded with an overwhelming feeling of universal love and support, and I was able to release my tight grip on what I wanted/expected to happen and let my life unfold in the glorious and epic way it was meant to. Lisa has a profound gift. I have been a tarot reader for more than 15 years, and have read for clients all over the world. I can tell you Lisa is the real thing. You’ll come away feeling stronger, more empowered, connected, supported and loved. And she provides plenty of practical information, too. Thank you Lisa!

Caroline A, Writer/Artist/Healer
Boston, MA

Lisa Jones is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.

Denise Linn, Founder

I am already enjoying huge results in my work

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, and have enjoyed varying levels of success. However, it seemed as if many of my decisions were based on what I felt I should do – following societal standards, beliefs from family and friends, etc. – but not following my true happiness and purpose. Lisa Jones, and her company, Art of Living Happy, has helped me to trust my internal desire, has given me guidance in the decisions that I am making, and continues to support my growth in an entirely new field of work as a fine artist.

Her gifted coaching and divine insight has helped to confirm my goals and to alleviate the fears associated with starting a new endeavor. I am already enjoying huge results in my work and will continue to use Lisa as a business coach and guide. I strongly recommend that you include Lisa’s services in your business and personal development plan!

Eric K, fine Artist
Denver, CO