“Money and happiness. You deserve both.” – Lisa Jones

I’m Lisa Jones, the Millionaire Medium, and I help successful individuals make an important paradigm shift that enables them to move from net worth to life worth.

Net Worth

  • Focused on the value of your investments
  • Measured by the size of your bank accounts
  • Time spent making money
  • Deep need to keep up one’s image
  • Trying to keep up with the Jones
  • Material needs
  • Temporary perks

Life Worth

  • Focused on the value of your relationships
  • Measured by the size of your dreams
  • Time spent enjoying life
  • Deep need to be authentic
  • Defining success on your own terms
  • Emotional needs
  • Sustainable practices

Awaken the Wealth Within

This is for anyone suffering from Empty Wealth Syndrome™

You’ll receive the actual PowerPoint presentation that Lisa used to unveil her beautiful website and discover how you can live a happier more fulfilled life! 

You already have everything you need to have a life worth loving. By outward appearances, you might even have it all: a beautiful home (or two!), new cars, big boats, designer clothes, expensive jewelry, exotic travel and more.

But it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, right?

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Many who outwardly appear to have it all, inwardly feel unfit, unhappy and undeserving. Some fret that success came too easily. Others worry it came at too high of a price. Some long for greater meaning. Others for stronger connections with family and friends. Many put a lot of energy into protecting their worth while others sabotage it via the use of alcohol or drugs.

All are symptoms of Empty Wealth Syndrome, a term I coined to help people understand why measuring up to the expectations of others leaves them feeling out of sync with themselves. Why their good fortune feels more like a curse than a blessing. Why their money—the very thing they thought would make them happy—has instead left them emptier than ever.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

I know because I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you, people who cringe at the very idea of living one more day without a greater, more life-affirming connection to themselves and their loved ones. People who are finding more joy and meaning in their lives—and, in turn, making a greater difference in the lives of others. People who are jumpstarting their own hopes and dreams by saying no to the status quo in favor of getting out of their ruts and on a roll.

And while I bring to the table all the same skills you can expect from any trusted advisor, coach or mentor, I also bring an added dimension: the ability to channel my psychic powers to help you see your past, appreciate your present and create your future.

Always highly intuitive, it took my husband’s death for me to begin to realize the extent of my gift. The day—February 22, 2004—started out just like any other. By the time it was over, I had experienced a shared death experience and my own spiritual awakening, an out-of-body experience during which my husband honored my gift and called upon me to use my powers to help others.

Flash forward. I’ve been a practicing medium for the past decade, each year tapping into what I see, hear and feel in order to help a handful of clients, with a significant investment, reframe their success in order to move beyond net worth to life worth.

I can help you, too. My groundbreaking program, Awaken the Wealth Within™, is designed specifically to help you move beyond your net worth to proactively cultivate your life worth in ways that truly matter…not only to you, but to those you care about…and to those who care about you.

The program starts with a simple, yet profound definition of life worth: “your innate ability to locate and amplify the very things that give your life meaning, no matter how simple and inexpensive those things may seem.”

Then, using five powerful principles and a variety of tools, we work together to empower and equip you in the art of life worth, bringing into account the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and economics and other fields.

And yes, we’ll also tap into the Universe to see what it has to say…